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Sky Futures Partners Limited (Sky-Futures)

Founder(s): Chris Blackford, Nick Rogers, James Harrison

Headquarters: London, UK

Website: http://www.sky-futures.com/

Type of business: Drone enabled data capture and analysis technology

Company description: Sky-Futures is a drone enabled data capture and analysis company providing technology solutions to the global oil and gas market.

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Founder(s): Emmanuel de Maistre, Emmanuel Noirhomme, Benjamin Hugonet

Headquarters: Paris, France

Website: http://www.redbird.fr/en/

Type of business: Drone data analysis platform

Company description: Redbird develops industry-specific solutions to massively process drone data in the cloud. Redbird analysis increases productivity and safety in mining, construction and infrastructure networks.

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Cape Productions

Founder(s): Jason Soll, Thomas Finsterbusch, Louis Gresham

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA

Website: http://www.cape.com

Type of business: Drone video service

Company description: Launching this December at ski resorts around North America. Customers sign up, get filmed by Cape drones, and receive professionally edited videos of their experience.

Raptor medium

Raptor Maps

Founder(s): Nikhil Vadhavkar, Edward Obropta

Headquarters: Somerville, MA

Website: http://www.raptormaps.com/

Type of business: Remote sensing and analytics

Company description: Raptor Maps uses drones and ground-based sensors to perform statistical analyses for agriculture. Raptor Maps makes it easy for customers to A/B test and analyze their geospatial data.